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Since I’ve previously established that I can’t finish a book I will talk about one of the books I’m still reading:

a gay romance between a vampire and a cursed witch, what could possibly go wrong?

Resultado de imagen para curses, foiled again Sera trevor

Curses, foiled again by Sera Trevor

This is urban fantasy about a vampire who falls in love with a witch (in a way)

It starts when Felix, the vampire, finds a man who smells delicious but is not scared of him so he can’t attack him.

It takes some time to explain the nuances of vampirism and magic and how it works but it’s nicely framed in the story as to avoid info-dumping

Felix becomes fascinated by this human who seems rather underwhelmed in his presence so he decides to find out more about him and, in true vampire fashion, starts stalking him. At the beginning John is annoyed by him and gives him an almost impossible task to complete if he wants to see him again.

It’s funny and easy to read, the characters have hidden depth that I’m excited to explore further into the story. The lore is classic but it adds its own twist to it to justify plot points and motivations

All in all I am enjoying it a lot


Book lover and hockey goalie from Argentina. Trying to figure life out

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